Wilderness Discovery

Urban Survival

Natural Emergencies: Power Outages, Snow & Severe Storms, Fire, Earthquakes or Flooding.

Unusual Emergencies: Nuclear, Civil Unrest, Pandemic, Biological Event or Economic Collapse.

  • Professional and expert instruction
  • Hands-on demos through out weekend

Would you know how to survive?

“The more you carry in your head, the less you carry on your back”

Class topics include these and many more:

  • Basic human needs for survival: physical & emotional
  • Preparing your home for survival
  • Lifestyle changes to make now
  • Non-electric gizmos & gadgets
  • Should you shelter in place or bug out?
  • Situational awareness, personal safety, security issue resolution
  • Water sources: finding & making them potable
  • Food: types, proper storage, preparation methods
  • Herbs & wild foods: foraging in your yard
  • Heating & cooling your house without electricity: tips & tricks
  • Hyper- & hypothermia: prevention & treatment
  • Waste management & disposal

Class Details:


$100 per person and $75 for each additional person in a group


To be determined. Please check back soon!


Cumberland, Virginia

Items that are included:

All class materials and primitive camping on-site

Class Schedule:

None Scheduled at this time

(Please do not Register unless a current
class is listed above. -Thank you!)